Mango Mousse (with sweet lupin milk)

Mango Mousse (with sweet lupine milk)

I am not dairy-free, but I am certainly a dairy-free enthusiast.
Getting by without dairy milk is easy as there are so many alternatives to it. It’s a whole new milky world!

The sweet lupine milk is made from the lupine legume. It is pretty sweet and has a strong taste. Not really my kind of milk to drink, but I find its richness in taste very interesting ingredient for cooking various recipes.
I thought I give it a chance with a dessert. I made this mango mousse and I have to say it turned out to be a very interesting combination 🙂

Vermicelles (dairy-free)

Vermicelles (dairy-free)

We all know Switzerland as the land of cheese and chocolate, but a less known fact is that it is also the land of Vermicelles, a dessert made out of sweet chestnut puree.  

As soon as autumn starts you can get these delicious noodles everywhere and in many different variations: Vermicelles cups, tarts and cakes. It is served with whipped cream, meringues, cherries or vanilla ice cream.

Al dente Chia, Flax and Hemp Seeds (with raspberries and blackstrap molasses)

This year I changed from never eating breakfast to never skipping breakfast. Honestly I don’t know what I was thinking, missing out on so many delicious and healthy breakfast recipes!

This breakfast is definitely my favorite. The sweet milky seeds melt in your mouth and the tart raspberries give you the extra energy kick you need to start the day.