Aubergine and Red Lentil Thai Soup

Aubergine and Red Lentil Thai Soup

I like Thai food and most of all I like the green curry. If I could I would enjoy a big portion of this tasty dish, but even a small portion of rice fills me up very quickly.
This is where this soup comes into play! It is nicely spiced with green Thai curry paste and it is not heavy on the belly at all. Yes please, big bowl of soup for me! 

Cabbage Soup with Ghee

Cabbage Soup with Ghee

Is there a diet that does not include Cabbage Soup?

I don’t think so. This is because cabbage is very low in calories and it is quite filling. However, most important thing about cabbage is that it’s a cruciferous vegetable and we all know how healthy they are. I make my cabbage soup even healthier and richer by adding good fats like Ghee.

Are you maybe now thinking – “Cabbage gives me the bloats”?
This soup is a no-bloater – it is nicely spiced with cumin, which is famous for its anti-bloating effects.

Beetroot and Arugula Soup

Beetroot and Arugula – it’s a Power Combo!

They are popular among athletes for improving endurance training, but this is not their only power, they can help against fatigue and one can certainly benefit from their many healthy nutrients.

This recipe will be a nice surprise for those who love this combination in a salad, because the soup tastes even better.