Apple Crumble (with quinoa flakes)

Apple Crumble (with quinoa flakes)

I was looking at two apples in the fruit bowl for a week now. Do I want to have an apple for a snack?  Hmm, I was kind of not in the mood for having “just an apple”, but then zap! I thought of apple crumble and 5 minutes later I was standing in the kitchen cooking 🙂 
I just love this dessert/snack, it is so satisfying and delicious. Plus, you can always change the crumble by using different flakes/oats and different flours, nuts, dry fruit, marmalade or jam. Just use your imagination!

Red cabbage and okra salad

Red Cabbage and Okra Salad

How about harnessing the power of the cruciferous vegetables by enjoying a bowl of cabbage salad?
One could use green or red cabbage. The red cabbage is however the more powerful one when it comes to the nutritional profile.
For extra health points, we are going to use the high-fiber vegetable okra, feta cheese for protein and as greens a bunch of field salad.

Kiwi coconut ice cream

Kiwi Coconut Ice Cream

Most of the winter fruits are loaded with C-Vitamin and other antioxidants, but one fruit outshines most of them in the nutrition department – the kiwi fruit.
Just one kiwi and you have consumed the recommended daily dose of C-Vitamin.
If you are looking for a healthy, fruity and refreshing Christmas dinner dessert, this is a very good and a very simple one.
You are going to love this kiwi ice cream!

Mango Mousse (with sweet lupin milk)

Mango Mousse (with sweet lupine milk)

I am not dairy-free, but I am certainly a dairy-free enthusiast.
Getting by without dairy milk is easy as there are so many alternatives to it. It’s a whole new milky world!

The sweet lupine milk is made from the lupine legume. It is pretty sweet and has a strong taste. Not really my kind of milk to drink, but I find its richness in taste very interesting ingredient for cooking various recipes.
I thought I give it a chance with a dessert. I made this mango mousse and I have to say it turned out to be a very interesting combination 🙂

Aubergine and Red Lentil Thai Soup

Aubergine and Red Lentil Thai Soup

I like Thai food and most of all I like the green curry. If I could I would enjoy a big portion of this tasty dish, but even a small portion of rice fills me up very quickly.
This is where this soup comes into play! It is nicely spiced with green Thai curry paste and it is not heavy on the belly at all. Yes please, big bowl of soup for me! 

Zimtsterne (cinnamon stars)

Zimtsterne (with tigernut flour)

Zimtsterne or cinnamon stars are one of my favorite Christmas cookies. They are also one of the easiest ones to make.

For the original recipe one needs ground almonds, egg whites and sugar.
Almonds are just great, but I had tigernut flour at home, so I thought why not give it a try!
There is also a bonus of using tiger nuts: they are very sweet, so one can use only half of the sugar normally needed to make these cookies.