Welcome to Soupice!

I am Sashka and this is my website where I cook very simple and healthy soups and ice creams.

Let me tell you more about how this soup, ice thingy started…

Soup and ice cream have always been on the top of my food list, but I used to eat pre prepared soups and low fat, full of sweeteners and who knows what inside ice creams. Because I knew these things are not healthy, I always felt bad about eating them. So one day I decided to take this matter into my own hands and into my kitchen.

I have since then made many different soups and ice creams. Some were very enjoyable and I have to admit some ended in the trash can 🙂
I use different vegetables, fruits, spices and toppings. Some combinations work perfectly and some don’t work at all.
I know everyone’s taste is different and we all have our “love it” and “hate it” foods.  But one can always swap or leave out ingredients.

You can checkout the basic recipies here: Basic Recipes